The role of the skin in nasal rejuvenation

Skin is the main ingredient of nasal surgery; in other words, when it comes to reopening or retouching, the skin is scarce, and we feel that the patient would have more area than the skin to make it easier to work.

What should you do in these cases? It is recommended to massage the skin up to about two months before surgery, and massage from top to bottom will increase the area of the skin and also improve the skin’s ability to resist. Notice that the first and last letter of nose surgery is the reaction and thickness of the skin. Research has shown that this leads to better results in regenerative and reactive surgery.




Since this is very convenient, it’s meant that doing upward and downward massage in the nose is really easy, and it’s not a problem. I recommend that all patients who want to re-apply, massage the skin very seriously. And put it into practice on the agenda on the agenda from two months ago.

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