Surgical nose tips in surgery

Fat tip:

Some of the loved ones that come in have large pores in the underlying gland, which I recommend using laser or peeling. Of course, the diet is also very effective.

If your doctor has given you medicine, I suggest that you postpone the nasal discharge until the end of the drug period.

The nasal glands of your nasal nose may be low: in this case, the skin of the nose with a noticeable thickness is red, as I mentioned in the previous article, that we use a very good and effective method that under the thick bone of your cartilage tissue Compressed with the desired state.

– Cartilage tissue is subtle (weak) and reactionary.

– Large cartilage in front of the nose

– Large lower cartilage A around

Continuous tissue under the skin

In the end, it’s good to reduce the space between the skin and the cartilage to prevent inappropriate tissue build-up.

But the very good news is in the practice of broiler nose surgery

I have to say that your thick skin can help your nose beautifully and do not show roughness, just to be aware that reducing inflammation in the nasal meatus will be resolved later and the flow is normal.

This time ladies are fortunate than men because the meaty nose is so thicker in men. Overall, I hope that this information will fix your concerns and have reasonable expectations about the changes in your nose surgery.

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