Tips for nose repair after surgery

Considering the following points can have a significant role in postoperative nausea and vomiting:

Hold your head in a vertical position. Before and after cosmetic nose surgery, it is recommended that you put your head in a vertical position on the back so that your left lungs stay out of your nose in particular. Which helps reduce post-operative nausea.

Drink plenty of water. If your body is properly hydrated, it may be less likely to develop swelling.

Do not eat salt and eat foods rich in vitamin K (K). Sweet sugary foods and drinks can cause fluid accumulation in the body and should therefore be avoided as much as possible. Make sure your diet contains enough vitamins and other vitamins.

Do not use hot water, sauna or bathtub: Exposure to hot steam can worsen swelling and nasal molding. Therefore, it is best not to use warm water, sauna or bath until the mold is removed from the nose and for a week after the surgery.

Mountain Tobacco: Although there is no scientific and valid evidence on the impact of tobacco, many patients have been studying post-operative nausea and vomiting treatment using this substance on the Internet, and for that reason, They ask. Mountain tobaccos can be made from pharmacies or perfumery. You must consult and consult doctors specializing in medicinal herbs before using this article. Discuss your intention to use this material with your nose surgeon and get advice on this. Mountain tobaccos can be used orally or locally. The oral formulation of this substance can reduce bleeding and is therefore included in the list of drugs that should be avoided before surgery, and it is again important to use them with an expert surgeon and a sinus surgeon. The local form of this substance can not be used directly on the nose after the surgery, because at this time there is a mold on the patient’s nose. In this case, it is very important that the mold does not touch the wet gel, as this can cause loosening of the mold or falling. You can get more information about the use of mountain tobaccos before performing aesthetic surgery by visiting specialized sites.

Use cold water compressor: For 20 minutes, after use, should not be reused for up to 40 minutes. Note that ice should not be placed directly on the nose or skin. You can use cold water compresses on your forehead and species if you feel better after nasal surgery. Use a cold water tank for 20 minutes or until you feel uncomfortable, and then stop for 40 minutes. Repeat this 2 or 3 times. In any case, ice should not be placed directly on the nose. In addition to being very cold to put on the skin directly on the skin (and the blood flow to your skin can be affected), you probably do not want to put a lot of pressure on your new nose appearance because of the use of ice. . Considering that after surgery, the nose is placed on the nose, which can protect your nose and help treat it with new apparent features, using ice on the nose can cause the mold to loosen and even Drop it.

Rest in order to recover and improve the amount of time: After nasal cosmetic surgery, nothing can be more than waiting for impatience to improve the swelling and rush to return to normal, stress and anxiety for the patient. One of the ways to reduce swelling at this time is to rest properly and give enough time to reduce swelling by planning social activities after cosmetic surgery. Remember, about 90% of patients are ready to return to work environment and normal conditions during the 14 days. At this time, the patient will experience bouts of nose and swelling and if the swelling is present, its surface is minimal and visible only to the patient. So at this time, you can resume your normal activities and place your friends with dinner. However, if you face a major event in your life like a wedding, consider at least a quarter-long period of recovery to get back to your own state.

It is best not to massage the nose after the beauty surgery, because nasal massage after surgery not only eliminates the result of the procedure, it also causes more swelling and stimulation.

Nasal Surgery is a common choice for situations where the appearance of inappropriate nose has been caused by a thick skin. This technique can be used in conjunction with the standard nose surgery for cases where the nasal or onion is very thick due to thick skin. In most cases, this method is used to treat nasal problems due to the acne of rosacea. Acne rosacea is a bacterial agent that creates pores in the skin of the individual, resulting in a lot of reddening on the skin of the patient. In this case, a proper treatment is the use of laser nasal surgery. In cases where a person has a nasal fracture, nose surgery with a laser is not suitable and not practical. This practice is not suitable for everyone. People with blood clotting problems, people with diabetes (insulin dependent), or those who recently bathed sunbathing or skin tan, are not eligible candidates for laser nose and may be exposed to laser lesions. In addition to the above factors, skin type also plays an important role in the amount of nasal cosmetic effect. Physical examinations and laboratory examinations are necessary to select this therapeutic approach. Using these studies, it can be ensured that this therapeutic approach does not have a specific nasal surgical complication for the patient.

Nasal dryness is one of the most common symptoms of peripheral incompatibility and can be one of the side effects of drug use. The nose needs to be moist so that it has a normal function and may cause dryness of the nose and a warm environment. The warm, humid, and humid climate, and the weather conditions, are all of the variables that affect the nasal congestion. Nasal dryness is one of the most common effects of taking certain medications, such as antihistamines, and medications to fix nasal congestion. Many people overuse the antihistamines and spasms of the nose for nasal congestion. Sjogren syndrome is an autoimmune disease with symptoms like dry eye, mouth and eventually nasal congestion. The disease affects the mucous membranes of the body that have wet glands, the nose is one of these parts that gets damaged. Nasal spray nasal water does not naturally dry the nose, but if these rashes caused by Sjögren’s syndrome are over-normal, it causes nasal dryness.

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