Tips on nasal cosmetic surgery

Side effects of corticosteroid injection in the nose

۱.Atrophy and Slimming Nasal Skin

۲٫ Change the color of the skin of the nose

۳٫ Creating small veins on the skin that do not look good

Therefore, corticosteroid injection should be performed in the nose under the direct supervision of a nosewist and should be avoided by nonspecialist injecting corticosteroid in the nose.

What are the points to follow after the surgery:

۱٫ Lift your head up to 30 degrees when you sleep.

۲٫ Use cold compress for 48 hours.

۳٫ Using oral or injectable corticosteroids reduces swelling for 6 days after surgery.

۴٫ Avoid severe abdominal distension for up to 3 weeks after surgery.

۵٫ Do not use glasses for up to 6 weeks after surgery.

۶٫ Use of soft nutrition after surgery is recommended for a few days to a week.

White wounds due to nasal gluing after nasal surgery:

These pimples are caused by the blockage of sweat ducts in the nasal skin and are not poisonous.

By removing wetted gasses with rinsing serum all bouts will be expedited, as well as nose wash with baby soap and water and glue replacement with low intervals to help improve.

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