Important points after dull eyelid surgery

Relaxation and loss of consistency of the skin and tissues that hold the eyelids cause puffy eyelids and hanging the skin of this area. Some cosmetic surgeons, after nasal and lips injections, remember their eyes and, in order to beautify Plastic surgeons visit their skin to pull their eyelids. This article reviews important points after the eyelid.


۱٫ Pituitary correction surgery is performed on the muscle, and occasionally using the hip pod or artificial material.


۲٫ After the operation, the ptosis is seen in the lower eye of the eye, which is more than the front of the eye, which is an inevitable consequence of action and should be decided before the surgery.


۳٫ In pituos surgery, it is sometimes necessary to act in both eyes (while you may have symptoms in the eye).


۴٫ After surgery, ptosis often does not require hospitalization.


۵٫ Eye dressing is removed after the procedure and eye examination may be dressed first to third in the eye, but after this time, no need for dressing or shields (plastic shields).


۶٫ In a ptosis surgery, it often remains a little overnight to stop eye drying at nights with ointment. Usually, after several months, the eye is adapted to the above conditions and does not require ointment.


۷٫ Praying from the very first day of action is possible with the tame on the stone and prostration is not an obstacle.


۸٫ Ask your doctor for bath time. But usually you can take bath from the second day.


۱۰٫ In ptosis surgery, we usually have a suture on the eyelid that is removed during the first two weeks after surgery.


۱۱٫ Note that some ptosis surgery is performed in children by special threads and in order to prevent eye laziness due to the closure of the eyelids. Therefore, with the growth of the face, the effect of this action is eliminated, and after completing the face, surgery should often be repeated. And in the second time usually more permanent methods are used. Always remember the number of days after surgery, and remind you in each visit.


۱۲٫ Bring some medicines, especially drops, everyday and remember their names, because you may have to take medications because of the apparent similarity of some drops and lack of adequate vision.


۱۳ Be careful not to stick the label on the drops and put any drops in the cover after you use it.


۱۴٫ Ask your doctor about how to use the drops (proper and timely drug administration has a significant effect on the success rate of the medicine).


۱۵٫ Try to use drops at the time prescribed by your doctor. At intervals of sleep (5-6 hours) you do not need to wake up to check the drop, but you should ask your doctor about this.


۱۶٫ Try to keep the drop open at normal temperature (25-30 degrees Sunigrad) and use it for up to 3 weeks after opening the cap. So avoid frostbite or extreme heat.


۱۷٫ Avoid touching the drop tip with eyes or other surfaces. After each use, close the container firmly.


۱۸٫ Do not use it if the color drop or precipitate drops.


۱۹٫ Never clean your eyes with rough textiles or paper cloths, as this may scratch the cornea.


۲۰٫ In the morning, after waking up, there may be large amounts of discharge around the eyelashes and corners of the eye. You can remove eye drops (chloramphenicol, gentamicin, sulfacetamide, etc.) into the eyes and on the eyelids to clean them. Then clean it with cotton or clean sterilization. Be careful not to push the finger straight to the eye, as this can cause stitches or wounds to open.


۲۱. Studying, watching TV, and normal activities of life that are not associated with intense physical activity and the correct way of observing the head are not allowed…. .


۲۲٫ This disease and its nutritional surgery do not have a specific diet. And if you had a diet before the procedure (diabetes – blood pressure – ulcers of the stomach, etc.), continue the same diet after the procedure.


۲۳٫ Discard the use of cosmetics (mascara, mascara, artificial eyelash, colored lenses, oily materials around the eyes, etc.) and ask your doctor if you want to start it.


۲۴٫ Lightweight sports, but without swinging, boxing and so on.


The correct way to drip in the eye


It is very important that the drop in the jug is properly and appropriately dispensed. It may be very high or very low, with a high drop in drops, the likelihood of side effects of the medicine will increase, and if you drop it, your illness may be effective. Do not control.


Most patients themselves drip, although some prefer to do it with the help of others. If you want to drop the drops yourself, follow the steps below. You can make drops in any situation you feel comfortable:


First, wash your hands thoroughly with water.

In standing position – sitting -Slept.

Hold the dish in your hand above the eye. Slowly lower your eyelid with a finger pointing down to create a small cavity underneath the eye. Press the droplet to drop a drop into the eye.

Slightly close your eyes. Do not open or close the eyelids quickly so that the drop does not run out of sight before it gets absorbed .

It is best to keep your eye closed for 2 to 3 minutes to reduce the amount of droplets entering the tear duct (and blood flow). This will help keep the larynx free. Pressing the inner corner of the eye has a similar effect for about 3 minutes.

One important point: Take only one drop per eye in each eye. If you need to use two different drops in an hour, wait 10 minutes after the first spill to make sure the previous drug is absorbed into the eye, then drop the next dose.

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