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Ginoplasty, Mentoplasty or chin cosmetic surgery

  Benefits Surgical results can be observed immediately after surgery, and as time goes by, the prosthesis is smooth and the result is more natural.   This prosthesis is not displaced and takes the form of a prosthesis during one month of surrounding tissue by pulling.   Prosthodontics are covered over by the original texture […]

Different features of breast prosthesis

Size Breast prosthesis is available for breast enlargement in various sizes. Choosing the right size for you to ensure the success and durability of the prosthesis is important. The surgeon will help you choose the best size to achieve your beauty goals. shape The shape of the prosthesis you choose will primarily depend upon your […]

Tips on nasal cosmetic surgery

Side effects of corticosteroid injection in the nose ۱.Atrophy and Slimming Nasal Skin ۲٫ Change the color of the skin of the nose ۳٫ Creating small veins on the skin that do not look good Therefore, corticosteroid injection should be performed in the nose under the direct supervision of a nosewist and should be avoided […]

Important points after dull eyelid surgery

Relaxation and loss of consistency of the skin and tissues that hold the eyelids cause puffy eyelids and hanging the skin of this area. Some cosmetic surgeons, after nasal and lips injections, remember their eyes and, in order to beautify Plastic surgeons visit their skin to pull their eyelids. This article reviews important points after […]

Tips for nose repair after surgery

Considering the following points can have a significant role in postoperative nausea and vomiting: Hold your head in a vertical position. Before and after cosmetic nose surgery, it is recommended that you put your head in a vertical position on the back so that your left lungs stay out of your nose in particular. Which […]

How to sleep properly after nasal surgery

The nose has a lot of effect on the beauty of the faces of the person, and the person who decides to perform a nasal cosmetic surgery wants to see the best result and have full satisfaction. Satisfaction with the outcome of cosmetic nasal surgery, in addition to the choice of skilled physician for surgery […]