Ginoplasty, Mentoplasty or chin cosmetic surgery



Surgical results can be observed immediately after surgery, and as time goes by, the prosthesis is smooth and the result is more natural.


This prosthesis is not displaced and takes the form of a prosthesis during one month of surrounding tissue by pulling.


Prosthodontics are covered over by the original texture and become seamless.


Surgical gaps are hidden under the chin and can not be easily seen.


The effect of the slices is not diminished over time.


Possible Dangers

The chin section is swollen and causes pain for the patient.


In the case of surgical gut surgery, there is a risk of losing sensation in the lips for some time after a few days.


It may temporarily or permanently change the sense of this part of the face.


For some time, avoid high-impact exercises because the prosthesis may be displaced.


It should be protected from the chin for about 4 to 6 weeks.


The most dangerous complication is the infection, which if it occurs, the surgeon will have to remove the prosthesis or can repeat the surgery.



Different factors in the cost of chin prosthesis are effective:


Surgeon’s wages

Operating Room Costs

Cost of Prosthodontics

Cost of anesthesia

Because chin prosthesis is considered to be a cosmetic surgery, insurance companies do not cover costs. There is only a possibility that there will be an under-insurance coverage when the surgery is performed as a remedial action after an accident or injury occurs. In this case, talk to the insurance company for more certainty to make sure.

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